Progressive Tree Service

ISA Certified, Insured, Bonded & Affordable Arborist

  • tree care
  • tree trimming & pruning
  • tree removal
  • shaping and bracing
  • tree disease & insect control
  • tree planting
  • stump removal
  • fertilizer application
Progressive Tree Service


We regularly work with local arboretums and the Chicago Botanic Garden. Our services cover every type of project, from the smallest residential job to commercial and municipal projects. Please call us at (847) 530-1533 for 24x7 emergency service.

Our clients

No job is too big or too small.
Matt K

"I don't write reviews often but wanted to take a second to commend the professionalism of Eloy and his crew. I woke up to find our large (50+ ft.) pear tree had fallen over and was leaning on our power line and the neighbor's house. I called Progressive at 7:15am, had someone out to take a look at 8:00 am, and work was started on the tree at 10:30 am. Not only were Eloy and his crew fast but also very friendly, taking the time to answer any questions I had along the way. If you are looking for a professional, responsive and fairly priced. tree service, I cannot recommend Progressive's services enough"

Brian Dreher

"As a landscape designer, running into tree maintenance and tree issues is a frequent occurrence. After receiving other bids and having worked with other arborists, I consistently choose to work with Juan. Progressive Tree Care provides the best value for arbor care around."


" My two neighbors and I are SO HAPPY we hired Progressive. They showed up on time, were extremely careful, worked diligently and safely"


"Progressive Tree Service did a wonderful job "super pruning" our two giant silver maple trees, 3 elm trees, 2 crab apple trees and one large box elder tree... "


"Simply outstanding! These guys worked two days to clear out the jungle we had both in the front and back yard. They have done a fantastic job and cleaned up nicely. "

About us

Progressive Tree Service offers reliable, efficient & professional services to clients near the Greater Chicago area. For faster service, we have locations in Evanston & Chicago.

Chicago Arborist


You should always make sure that your arborists carry current insurance.

Licensed & Bonded

Reduce your liability and enjoy the peace of mind that a licensed tree contractor offers.


Our arborists hold credentials from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).


10+ Years of innovative experience with a wide range of Chicago tree services.

Affordable Tree Care

We employ a wholesome and sustainable approach when it comes to tree care.

We make your vision a reality,  no matter how difficult it is.


“We recognize that no tree service project is the same and every customer has their own individual goals and ideas when it comes to the development and care of their landscape. At Progressive Tree Service we take pride in our work and ability to effectively remove and provide care for the trees on your property, and we guarantee that we will take the time to understand your needs and work with you to make your vision a reality."

– The Martinez Brothers

Frquently Asked Questions

What are tree services?

They are all the services that relate to the care of trees, maintenance & removal.

The need for such services is triggered by a few different reasons:

  • to maintain the tree and keep it healthy.
  • to treat disease or insect infestation.
  • to increase and maintain the value of your property.
  • aesthetics - to improve the look of your landscape. This can be achieved through trimming or shaping a tree with the help of cables and braces.
  • safety - to keep your property and your neighbor's property safe. Regular maintenance is important because some safety risks might to be noticeable to someone who's not an arborist.
  • to make room - for a construction project, house addition or to get more sunlight on a specific part of your property.
Should I trim, remove or treat a tree?

We do our best to help you save the tree. Sometimes trimming helps stop the progress of disease. To be 100% sure, we have to see the tree. To make your decision risk free, we offer a free quote to clients around our coverage are.

How can I get emergency tree service near me?

We do offer emergency service outside of normal business hours. Our crews move fast and are a phone call away.

Please make sure that you wait for us in a safe area. If a tree has fallen on any part of your property, you should take plenty of pictures and then call your homeowner's insurance. Keep everyone clear of the affected area and watch out for electrical cables and springing branches or even whole trees.

How can I choose a good tree service company?

To choose a professional local company, you have to check all the requirements below:

  • bonded & insured
  • licensed & certified
  • they hire ISA certified arborists and experience personnel
  • they use professional equipment
  • check their company's reviews
  • they offer a free quote to help you decide

Some local tree cutters offer slightly smaller prices, but no peace of mind. If you want to hire the best tree company, read what its customers have to say about it. Also, ask them questions about their qualifications to make sure that job will be completed 100%.

Can I see you guys at work?

Sure, here is how it looks from our vantage point (you may have to click twice on the play button):

What Is your service area?

The map below shows an approximate representation of our service area:

Can you expand your Chicago tree service area?

We might make exceptions from project to project. The highlighted service area is meant to keep commuting costs low and that is how we make our prices so affordable. However, if we have 2 or projects in the same neighborhood or close-by, we might take service requests outside of our service area. Please contact directly us for large, commercial or municipal projects.

If you can't tell if we service your area or not, please give us a call.

What are the actual suburbs/cities you service?

We only service select areas of Chicago.

Here are some of the suburbs we service, in alphabetical order:

Arlington Heights
Buffalo Grove
Des Plaines
Elk Grove Village
Fort Sheridan
Great Lakes
Harwood Heights
Highland Park
Hoffman Estates
Lake Bluff
Lake Forest
Lake Zurich
Morton Grove
Mount Prospect
North Chicago
Park Ridge
Prospect Heights
Rolling Meadows
Schiller Park
Vernon Hills

How much does tree removal cost?

Tree service projects are all unique. Here are some of the factors that influence the tree removal or tree care cost:

  • height, diameter and species of the tree
  • location of the tree - is it close to buildings or power lines?
  • existing damage to the tree

You have to make sure that the tree service is not actually going to cost you more even if you go for the cheapest quote. Here are some things that you need to ask your tree service company:

  • are they certified & insured?
  • will they help with cleaning up after the job is done?
  • will they help with permits?
  • is stump removal part of the quote?
  • are they making a tree removal recommendation because nothing else can be done or because it makes them the most money?
  • can they provide references?
  • do they have the necessary equipment and experienced tree climbers to complete the job incident free?

What makes our service so cost-effective is that we can provide satisfactory answers to all the questions above and still provide you with a very competitive quote.