Windy City = Potential Tree Damage

There is a thing about living in the Windy City region and that is… wind. Notably wind that picks up during the occasional severe storms. Add on to the wind the ice storms, heavy snows, and overall crazy weather and suddenly we have a recipe for serious tree damage. This is where our emergency tree service comes in to play.

Progressive Tree Service has a fleet of trucks spread out throughout the region ready to go on a moments notice. Available 24/7 our fast response emergency tree service can get out to your property fast and work with local authorities to safely remove downed trees, down tree limbs or prevent sagging trees from coming down.

Usually during these severe events power lines are impacted along with roads. Depending on the situation we can triage the downed trees to get them out of the way and come back to fully remove or save the main tree. We also understand what insurance companies need and look for in filing claims. We will document the pre and post removal work to help with your claim process.

One question property owners often have is “Do I need to wait for the insurance adjuster to come out”? The answer is no! The insurance company wants you to take immediate action to prevent further damage to your home or property. Our emergency tree service will work to get the limbs, trunks or roots removed so you can seal off the damaged area and prevent further damage. Saving the insurance company money puts you in their good graces come claim payout time.

Need Emergency Tree Service Now?

If you are reading this at 3 AM on a Sunday we are ready for your call. In fact we are available 24/7/365 for emergency tree work. Contact us now and we will get a team out immediately. Never hesitate to call us at anytime to help with your emergency tree removal in Evanston.

Any Weather Any Damage

Remember that big blizzard a couple years back? We worked during that.

Remember the bad straight-line winds last spring? We worked for a week straight after those. We are licensed arborists who can work with your yard and trees to save what we can and remove the downed or damaged trees.

Our emergency tree removal service is insured, bonded & certified. We operate a highly experienced tree and branch removal that have experience working during and after severe storms and extreme weather.


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