Why should you care for trees

From providing clean air and absorbing storm water to offering relaxation and increasing property value, trees are VERY important.

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Fertilizer Application

Healthy soil is is crucial to the health and appearance of your trees.

Scale Treatments

Scale insects might damage or even kill the trees they feed on.

Apple Scab Treatments

The apple scab fungus infects and ruins the appearance and quality of the apple fruit.

Dutch Elm Disease

The dutch elm disease is a devastating fungal infection that affects the elm trees.

Emerald Ash Borer Prevention

The cost of dealing with this dangerous and costly parasite is usually paid by property owners, municipalities and tree nurseries. So, one way or another, the cost comes back to you.

Prevention is always cheaper and safer than dealing with an infestation.

Threatens 8 billion ash trees in N America

Emerald Ash Borer presence confirmed in Illinois

Imported forest pests cause 2 billion in damages yearly

Insect & Disease Management

Our tree experts will identify the threat to your trees and apply the correct treatment. Timing is of the essence, as it is weather during the application.

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