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Kenilworth Tree Trimming
Notice something? Look carefully at the Elm tree branches.

Kenilworth Tree Service

Tree Service Project Example

The tree, located on a property in Kenilworth Illinois, was getting close to the house. Adequate clearance is required between a tree and the roof to prevent damage and falling debris.

The Solution


The client called Progressive Tree Service to get an arborist inspection for the tree on an Kenilworth property. The tree was an American Elm tree, which require pruning in the dormant season to reduce the risk of disease infection, such as the Dutch Elm Disease.

The tree also had a cabling system previously installed that needed adjustment for some of the support cables.

We explained our findings to the client and started working to raise the tree canopy which was close to 2 adjacent houses.


The tree was located near 2 houses, with its canopy hanging over both buildings.

The location of the tree made it impossible for any equipment, such as aerial lifts, to reach the tree. For that reason, the project required the use of climbing ropes and saddle.

After performing maintenance pruning and removing the deadwood from the plant, these were safely lowered over the adjacent houses. This, combined with the tightening of the support cables gave the Elm tree a safe clearance away from the roofs.

The job ended with a final inspection of the work site and cleanup to ensure that the properties are left in a cleaner state than at the beginning.

Tree Services Performed

Arborist Inspection
Tree Cabling
Dormant Tree Trimming

Kenilworth Tree Service Project Photos

Dizzying? These are actual pictures from the job site of our professional tree climbers.


Kenilworth is a suburb located North of the city of Chicago and it was voted as one of the best places to live in, as Kenilworth was ranked by Forbes as the second most affluent neighborhood in the United States. The Village of Kenilworth is actively working to renew the tree population it cares for with the Fall Parkway Tree Planting Program. To participate in the program, you can fill in a form (here is the 2019 Parkway Tree Planting list as an example) after you have received the Village letter with the sites that qualify for the program. The letter is usually sent out in August and the city asks the community to sponsor these new trees. You can also skip the waiting list and pay for your own tree to be planted in the fall, if it meets certain requirements, such as giving the roots of a previously removed tree enough time to decompose and allow for new growth.

Kenilworth Tree Removal Permit

To remove a tree located on a Kenilworth property, you need to obtain a tree removal permit for all trees that you are planning to remove. The tree removal application must also be accompanied by an arborist's report for trees with a diameter of 10 inches or more at breast height, which are Protected Trees. Additionally, because of the time it takes for a plant to reach that size, trees of 18 inches or more at breast height are considered Heritage Trees. If you plan to remove Protected or Heritage Trees in the Village of Kenilortg, you will also need a plan for replacing those trees.

There are additional regulations, such as very strict requirements for removing trees that might help with maintaining slope stability in a steep slope area.

The permit has to be obtained before removing the tree and a replacement plan has to be submitted along with the application, where applicable.

Progressive Tree Service can help you put together all the documents necessary for tree removal, from completing the permit to the arborist report and replacement plan.


Evanston is a short 10-12 minutes away from Kenilworth. For regular Kenilworth tree service, please call us to set an appointment. For emergency tree service, we can get there really fast, depending on how many previous requests we've had.