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Tree removal job in Wilmette IL performed by Progressive Tree Service

Wilmette Tree Service

Tree Removal Project Example

The tree, located on a property in Wilmette Illinois, had been improperly pruned in the past and had various topping cuts. This caused the tree to lose branches during two different wind storms and to become a hazard to the property.

The Solution


The client called Progressive Tree Service to get an arborist inspection for the tree on her Wilmette property. We have discovered that the tree was topped in the past (read why we do not recommend tree topping). The client was worried about the tree's structural integrity after it lost limbs during couple of storms.

Upon inspection, we found a few visible cavities that threatened the tree's safety and we determined it to be hazardous.

We explained what happened to the client and started preparing to remove the tree.


The tree was located between 2 houses, with its canopy hanging over both buildings. It was also only inches away from the deck, making it less accessible.

We obtained a tree removal permit from the village of Wilmette and brought over the equipment necessary to remove the tree:

  • aerial lift/cherry picker
  • crane
  • specialized tree removal equipment

Some areas were inaccessible by equipment and our experienced tree climbers had to climb the tree to safely remove those areas.

Tree Services Performed

Arborist Inspection
Permit Application
Tree Removal

Wilmette Tree Removal Project Photos


Wilmette is a suburb located North of the city of Chicago and it was voted as one of the best places to live in. It has a very rich urban forest with over 17,500 trees. The Village of Wilmette encourages tree planting in the parkways with its Cooperative Tree Planting Program.

Wilmette Tree Removal Permit

To remove a tree located on a Wilmette property, you need to obtain a tree removal permit for any tree that has a diameter at breast height (about 4'5'') of ten inches or greater. The tree removal application must be accompanied by a copy of the plat of survey or site plan of the property.

The permit has to be obtained before removing the tree. In case of an emergency tree removal, the Wilmette Director of Community Development may issue a tree removal permit without an application and may waive other regulations.

After inspecting the tree or after we receive the emergency tree removal request, Progressive Tree Service can help you fill in the necessary applications and obtain the permit for you.


Evanston is right next door to Wilmette. For regular Wilmette tree service, please call us to set an appointment. For emergency tree service, we can get there really fast, depending on how many previous requests we've had.