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Spruce tree removal performed in Winnetka by certified climbers

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The spruce tree was partially uprooted and posed a high risk to the house, neighboring properties and the people living there.

The Solution


The client contacted Progressive Tree Service to get emergency tree removal for a leaning, partially uprooted spruce tree on her property. Upon arrival, we noticed that the tree base was badly damaged and needed an aerial lift for safe removal. Partially uprooted trees are hazardous not only because they can fall at any time and crush whatever is under them, but also because the weight distribution is very precarious. Removing parts of the tree can shift the weight and result in springing branches, splitting stems or even the root plate moving and becoming a hazard of its own.


We needed access to the tree from up-high and the use of an aerial lift was required. The position and angle of the spruce tree forced us to place our lift truck on a neighboring property. The neighbors were very nice and allowed us to use their front yard.

Whenever such a job has to be performed, we might need to get in touch with the neighbors and explain that we have to use part of their property for a successful tree removal and to keep their property safe as well. Because of that, our focus is not only on the job at hand, but keeping both properties damage-free and clean.

Tree Services Performed

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Here are some areas where your tree service company should pay attention:

  • lawns, driveways and other landscaping features. For example, if heavy vehicles are going to be driven on your property, their weight should be distributed with the help of boards. Please keep in mind that you are the one that should point out areas to be avoided, especially during winter or at night, when they might not be visible.
  • neighboring properties. Falling trees and branches might reach other properties as well.
  • The roof of your property. Branches and foliage might fall on the roof and block gutters.

In the case of emergency removal of a fallen tree, some damage might have already been done or might be unavoidable. You should keep clear of the affected area and stay away from the tree to avoid springing branches, electrical cables, etc


Wilnnetka Tree Removal Project Photos


Winnetka IL is a village located North of the city of Chicago. In 2019, it celebrates 150 years since the Village was founded. Winnetka has a very rich tree cover and it has put in place various tree preservation ordinances and a reforestation program to protect it.

Winnetka Tree Removal Permit

To remove a tree located on a Winnetka property, you need to obtain a tree removal permit for any tree that has a diameter of 8" or greater. The tree removal application must be accompanied by a map or plat of survey with the approximate tree location on your property.

Progressive Tree Service can help you fill the permit application correctly and thus expedite the process.


We are located in Evanston, which is 15-20 minutes away from Winnetka.

For regular Winnetka tree service, please call us now to set an appointment. We offer 24 hours emergency tree removal and we can be there really fast, depending on weather & other requests.