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Willow Tree Removal At Botanic Garden

Glencoe Tree Removal

Tree Service Project Example

Progressive Tree Service works occasionally with local gardens, arboretums and municipalities to service and remove trees located on areas they manage. Usually, such projects are won by bidding on them, as long as the tree removal company meets certain requirements. This particular project took place in Glencoe IL.

The Solution


This project, and others like it, were won by Progressive Tree Service after bidding on it.

The Village of Glencoe invests in their urban forest and has a tree program that benefits both the public parkway and private, residential properties.


The willow tree was located close to a bridge. This was also the only place where we could park our aerial lift trucks.

We needed to make sure that our workers and equipment were safe from traffic.

Also, when we are dealing with limited access to the trees we service, we need to make sure that we either perform manual removal for the areas we cannot reach or that we protect the landscape (such as a lawn) if we have to operate heavy equipment on or next to it.


Tree Services Performed

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Aerial Lift Tree Removal

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The Village of Glencoe is home to the Chicago Botanic Garden, a 385 acre area designed as a 'living museum' which includes 27 gardens and 4 natural areas dedicated to plants and trees. Glencoe is located on the NorthShore area of Chicago and it is rated to be one of the wealthiest towns in Illinois. The Village has more than 10,000 trees located in the public area and has been designated as Tree City USA for more than 30 years.

Glencoe Tree Removal Permit

Strong tree preservation programs, such as Glencoe's Tree Programs usually require more efforts and expense from private property owners. To offset some of the costs, the Village shares the costs of planting parkway trees with 'interested residents'. To help out private property owners, the Village also offers tree planting assistance for the private properties by negotiating planting prices at some extremely competitive rates.

A tree removal permit is required in Glencoe for any trees with 8 inches or greater in diameter. The measurements have to be taken at a 54 inches height (or DBH - Diameter at Breast Height).

Healthy tree removal comes with a replacement fee: $350 per diameter inch for heritage trees and $175 for other tree species. Heritage trees include species such as American Elm, black walnut, some maples, oak, buckeye, etc. The complete list is included on the Glencoe tree removal permit application.

Dead trees, hazardous trees and certain species such as willow, box elder, mulberry, etc still require a permit but they do not require replacement or replacement fees. The only trees that are equal or greater than 8 inches in diameter that do not require a permit are fallen trees, either lying on the ground or lying on a structure such as house, garage, etc. The Village on Glencoe requires proof of such of a condition, so make sure to take and store pictures showing the tree has fallen.

Worth mentioning is that, for trees in the front yards the tree removal application might be rejected if the tree is not diseased or a hazard.




Progressive Tree Service is located a comfortable 20 minutes away from Glencoe. This short transit time help us offer fast emergency tree removal services. Keep in mind that this transit time is still subject to the volume of previous calls and time of day, but our response times are better than that of a lot of other tree care companies near Glencoe IL.

Regular tree service is done by appointment and we also offer free quotes and some of the most affordable tree service costs.