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If you reside in a region where strong winds are frequent, you most probably have had to deal with an uprooted tree on your property. An uprooted tree can be dangerous, and whenever you have one on your property, your first thought should be focused on how to get it removed.

After extreme weather such as storms and strong winds, you’ll find that municipal authorities might organize to remove trees that block roads.

However, the work of the municipal authorities is hardly enough. What usually happens is that they’ll cut off some of the fallen trees, but if it fell from your property, you’ll still be left with huge stumps that you’ll have to deal with.

Uprooted Tree Removal Quote

Handling an uprooted tree is certainly hazardous work and should not be attempted without the right skills and equipment. In some cases, the tree may fall or hide electric lines, which adversely increases the safety risk. In other situations, the uprooted tree may fall on your home, causing structural damage.

Should you find branches of a fallen tree close to utility lines, do not attempt to remove them on your own as this might prove catastrophic – you risk starting fires or even getting electrocuted. This is the kind of task that should strictly be left to professionals who have the expertise and the necessary tools.

Considerations before Starting Uprooted Tree Removal

Many property owners go to great lengths to grow trees, and any tree that gets uprooted represents a loss. That is why some people will do all they can to try and salvage a tree. If you find yourself in such a situation, the good news is that not all trees are doomed for removal just because they have been uprooted. In some instances, it is actually possible that can regrow into another healthy tree.

Some uprooted trees can be salvaged if they are not too large. The root structures of most small trees are usually limited and not completely developed, which means that with proper care, you can have the tree growing again. You will simply need to get enough soil cover around the roots that were exposed when the tree fell. As a further aid to the tree’s rejuvenation, consider pruning some of the branches and watering the tree regularly to reduce the weight that the tree has to bear.

The situation is different with large trees. They usually have a very complex network of roots. If it is uprooted, that means that some of the roots have been destroyed beyond repair and will therefore no longer prove useful in providing nutrients and water to the tree. They will also not be able to provide stability and support for the whole plant. As you can also imagine, it’ll take some herculean effort to raise a massive tree and make it upright again. The only action to take with such trees is to get them permanently removed.

Removal and Utility Lines

When you finally decide that the uprooted tree on your property has to be removed, you need to take into account any utility lines that might be close to your property. Removal usually necessitates plenty of digging, and should any utility lines be nearby, chances are that the removal of some of the roots could break such lines.

Unless you have information from your local authorities, it might not be possible to know the exact location of utility lines, and you might find a tree removal exercise breaking sewer and water lines. That is why it is best to let the professional tree removal experts carry on with the task. They have experience working with municipal authorities and will know where and how to protect the utility lines when removing a tree.

Tree removal effects on the landscape

Uprooted trees are not only dangerous to human beings, but they also pose a great danger to the landscape around your property. If the tree in question is massive, you can expect that when it tumbles, it will uproot other plants and other elements of landscaping. An uprooted tree with extensive roots can even crack the walls of your house, and break exterior extensions like patios.

Even after clearing the massive trunk of the tree that was becoming an obstruction, the remaining tree stumps are ugly, and if not taken care of, they can significantly destroy the landscape’s appeal. In a case where some trees are uprooted in your property, always contact a professional tree removal expert to help.

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