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Oak trees are beloved by property owners – the presence of one or two such trees greatly adds to the aesthetic appeal and even the value of a property. Oak trees are not just beautiful but also hardy, and with proper care, they can exist on a property for ages. Despite their hard nature, oak trees usually fall victim to oak wilt, and without proper service, this could spell doom to your beloved tree.

One of the things that make oak trees very hardy is their root structures. An oak tree will usually have roots that are grafted together and which could also extend over long distances. This kind of root structure is however a double-edged sword.

While it ensures the stability of the tree, it also means that in the event of a tree disease spreading in a neighborhood, the disease will spread fast and could ultimately wipe out the entire oak population in an area. In fact, without regular tree inspection, you might never realize that your precious oaks are in danger until it’s too late.  That is why the oak tree services provided by certified arborists are indispensable if you want to have healthy trees. Fortunately, taking care of your precious trees is not rocket science, and here are a few things you should consider doing.

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Keep Wilt at Bay

Oak tree owners know that oak wilt is hazardous, but some invite the dangerous fungus on their property through innocent actions. Pruning is important and serves the dual purpose of making the trees more physically appealing and also healthier. Should you decide to prune your trees when a wilt invasion is imminent or is actually taking place, ensure that the sap produced does not come into contact with other oak trees as it would spread the disease to otherwise healthy oak trees.

Oak Tree Service

Apart from the possibility of inviting wilt on your property, unnecessary trimming could also adversely affect your oak trees. While you might need to trim other trees regularly, say once per year to keep them healthy, proper oak tree care does not call for this. Trim your oaks only when you find dead limbs or when this action is likely to improve the health of your tree as advised by a tree professional.

While you are encouraged to remove any limbs that show evidence of wilt from your oak trees, it is equally important to make sure that you get a lasting solution for the fungus.

Do not make the mistake of using diseased limbs to create compost, as you will be spreading the fungus to other areas of the landscape and will ultimately get into a vicious wilt cycle. To avoid such an unfortunate scenario, consider using the services of competent arborists who know not only how to remove affected limbs but also the recommended treatments that eliminate the disease.

It is also important to note that the tools that you use when trimming your trees have a direct influence on the results. If, for instance, you were to use a tool on a diseased tree and then continued to use the same tool on a healthy tree without disinfecting it, you will spread the disease to the healthy tree.

Oak Tree Removal

Despite all the efforts you might have made to preserve your oak tree, you might be forced to have the oak tree removed. This can be the case if the oak tree is afflicted by pests or diseased beyond repair.

You may also have to have your oak trees removed if their growth will cause damage to utility lines, or if they have suffered extensive damage after a storm.

Compared to other trees, oak tree removal is challenging because oaks are very strong and not as easy to bring down as other trees. It is also important to point out that oak tree removal can be more expensive as the cost is determined based on the size of the tree.

It is important to note that bringing down a large oak tree is dangerous work that you should not attempt to carry out on your own. Allow professional tree removal experts to perform the task for you.

Before you proceed to get oak tree removal services, you need to understand that you might require a permit, depending on the area where you liven such as:

  • Northbrook Tree Care
  • Niles IL Tree Service
  • Glenview Arborist
  • Glencoe Tree Company
  • Chicago Tree Removal
  • Winnetka Tree Felling

. Oak trees usually grow very large, and most municipalities protect them from removal if they do not pose a risk. If your request to have the oak tree removed is granted, you can then proceed with the removal. Note that, in some areas, this approval might only be given after a certified arborist does an inspection.

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