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In Northbrook, IL, tree service is more than a job; it's a commitment to the community. Progressive Tree Service offers excellent tree service, providing everything from tree trimming to emergency tree removal. With ISA certified arborists and a reputation for great service, we're the go-to local tree work crew.

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Our tree crews are supervised by an ISA certified arborist and experienced foremen.


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Tree Removal

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Progressive Tree Service is committed to delivering reliable, proficient, and expert tree services to the community in the Northbrook, IL area.

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Making sure that your tree experts have up-to-date insurance is really important. Even though accidents are rare when dealing with professionals, it's still a good idea to check that there's enough coverage just in case something unexpected happens.

Licensed & Bonded

Choosing a licensed tree contractor brings many advantages, like reducing your legal responsibility and giving you confidence and comfort knowing the job will be done right.


Our tree pros have certifications from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).


10+ Years of innovative experience with a wide range of tree services.

Affordable Tree Care

To save money on tree care, it's a good idea to regularly check your trees, do the needed upkeep, and quickly fix any small problems before they turn into big ones. By taking care of things early, you can lower the chances of serious tree damage or having to pay for expensive emergency work.


“We recognize that no tree service project is the same and every customer has their own individual goals and ideas when it comes to the development and care of their landscape. At Progressive Tree Service we take pride in our work and ability to effectively remove and provide care for the trees on your property, and we guarantee that we will take the time to understand your needs and work with you to make your vision a reality."

– The Martinez Brothers

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Northbrook Tree Removal: A Professional Approach

Tree removal is a complex task that requires expertise and care. Progressive Tree Service offers tree removal services with a focus on safety and efficiency. Whether it's removing large trees or handling a specific tree removal project, we provide a fair price and timely manner.

Comprehensive Care for Your Trees

With over 30 years of experience, Progressive Tree Service offers a wide range of tree services. From tree trimming to stump removal, we handle all aspects of tree care. Their professional tree service includes certified arborists who understand the unique needs of various tree species.

Tree Services: Beyond the Basics

Progressive Tree Service goes beyond basic tree care, offering specialized services like emergency tree service and nutrient deficiencies treatment. Whether it's dealing with emerald ash borer or other tree-related issues, we provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Tree Trimming: Enhancing Beauty and Health

Tree trimming is an art that requires a delicate touch. Progressive Tree Service's tree trimming services ensure that your trees are shaped and pruned to enhance their beauty and health. From mature trees to young saplings, we provide care that reflects the natural elegance of trees.

Local Service: Rooted in Northbrook, IL

As a local company, Progressive Tree Service understands the specific needs of Northbrook, IL. We offer free estimates and work in a timely manner, ensuring customer satisfaction. Whether it's tree stump removal or dealing with branches over power lines, we handle it all.

Stump Removal: Clearing the Way

Stump removal can be a challenging task. Progressive Tree Service offers stump removal services that clear the way for new growth. Whether it's grinding down a tree stump or removing larger trees, we provide a competitive price and excellent job.

Emergency Tree Service: Ready When You Need Them

Emergencies don't wait, and neither does Progressive Tree Service. Our emergency tree removal service is available 24/7, providing fast response and great communication. Whether it's a fallen tree in your front yard or back yard, we're ready to help.

Certified Arborist: Expertise You Can Trust

A certified arborist brings knowledge and expertise to tree care. Progressive Tree Service's ISA certified arborists understand everything from ash trees to larger trees, providing care that ensures the health and beauty of your trees.

Free Estimate: Transparent and Fair

Progressive Tree Service believes in transparency and offers free estimates for all our services. Whether it's tree removal, stump grinding, or lawn care, we provide a great price and fantastic job.

Serving the Greater Area: From Lake Forest to West Chicago

Progressive Tree Service serves not only Northbrook but also the surrounding areas like Lake Forest, Morton Grove, and Northshore Chicago. Their commitment to great service extends to the northwest suburbs, ensuring quality tree care for all.

Tree Removal
Tree Removal

Northbrook's Tree Preservation and Regulations

The Village of Northbrook places significant emphasis on tree preservation. Here's a detailed look at the regulations:

Tree Removal Permits

A tree removal permit is required for any tree over six inches in diameter. The Village's arborists will consult with you about the tree and discuss your plans, advising on necessary approvals.

Removals as Part of Building Permit Application

When applying for a building permit, a tree removal application must be submitted if there are anticipated tree removals. A separate permit will be issued, possibly with a replacement guarantee or fee.


When planting new trees, consult the Tree Replacement List for required or prohibited species.

Heritage and Landmark Trees

Certain species require more approvals. For example, American Elm (36” or greater) and Oak (30” or greater) are designated as Heritage Trees.

Application Fees and Special Exceptions

There are no fees for a Tree Removal Application, but additional fees may apply if removed without a permit. Hazardous trees can be removed without a permit in emergency situations.

Northbrook, IL: A Vibrant Community with Rich Natural Beauty

Northbrook, Illinois, is a thriving village in Cook County, uniquely positioned at the northern edge of the county, bordering Lake County. With a population of 35,222 as of the 2020 census, Northbrook has grown from its humble beginnings as Shermerville in 1901 to a bustling community known for its attractions, parks, and community spirit.

northbrook il
northbrook il

A Rich History

Originally named Shermerville in honor of Frederick Schermer, who generously donated land for the village's first train station, Northbrook underwent a transformation in 1923. The name change to Northbrook marked an effort to enhance its public image, reflecting a community that was looking forward to a bright future.

Parks and Nature Preserves

Northbrook is a haven for nature enthusiasts, boasting an array of parks and nature preserves. From the well-maintained Wood Oaks Green Park with its walking trails and sports areas to the unspoiled Sunset Ridge Woods, residents and visitors can immerse themselves in nature's beauty. Somme Prairie Nature Preserve offers a forest and savanna area perfect for picnics, while Techny Prairie Park and Fields provide a diverse range of recreational activities, including golf, batting cages, trails, and fishing stations.

Community Attractions and Amenities

Beyond its natural landscapes, Northbrook is home to several notable attractions. The Northbrook Court shopping mall offers a premier shopping experience, while the Ed Rudolph Velodrome and the Chicago Curling Club cater to sports enthusiasts. The Northbrook Public Library serves as a cultural hub, providing resources and programs for all ages.

A Connected Community

The sense of community in Northbrook is palpable, with various events and activities organized by the Northbrook Park District and the Village of Northbrook. Residents have access to modern tools like the Northbrook Notify system for emergency alerts and the Simplicity app for community updates. The village encourages public participation, allowing residents to share their comments and ideas through online platforms, fostering a sense of collaboration and shared responsibility.

Northbrook, IL, is more than just a village; it's a community that values its history, embraces nature, and fosters connections among its residents. Whether it's exploring the parks, shopping at the mall, or engaging in community events, Northbrook offers something for everyone. It's a place where the past meets the present, and where the community comes together to create a vibrant and welcoming home.

Your Trusted Local Tree Service in Northbrook, IL

Progressive Tree Service is more than just a professional tree company; we're a partner in enhancing the natural beauty of Northbrook, IL. With a wide range of services, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and a professional approach, we stand as an excellent tree service company. Whether it's removing trees or planting new ones, we offer a fair price, great communication, a focus on customer satisfaction and a doing a fantastic job.