tree pruning in Chicago

Many times throughout my career I have had clients ask why it is necessary to prune mature trees. A common misconception is due to the idea that woodland trees survive just fine without any care, why should anyone pay to have a large, mature tree trimmed?

While it is true that trees survive just fine in their native setting, when we place a tree in the urban environment the stress the tree experiences differs greatly compared to its native surroundings. Trees that are not properly maintained can create some pretty hazardous conditions for you and your property.

Pruning Trees In Chicago

Chicago is well known for its capricious weather.

Allowing the canopy of your tree to become too dense greatly increases the risk of damage during high winds and severe weather. Large dead limbs can fall at anytime causing harm to anything in its path.

A trained professional inspecting your tree will notice any decay, splits, cracks or weak branch unions that may need attention. Most of the time these flaws can not be seen from the ground and often go unnoticed until it is too late. Urban trees should also be clearance pruned to keep limbs clear from rooflines, drives and sidewalks.

Crown thinning can also benefit the health of your tree and overall landscape by allowing more airflow through the canopy reducing the risk of foliar disease and greater light penetration to the plants and turf below. Maintaining trees is an art and science that takes years to master.  If you have mature trees on your property and are not sure if they are in need of care please don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our trained professionals would be happy to asses your trees and setup a proper tree pruning schedule.

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