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This is an article supplied by Caryl & Jerome Desserich.

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Meet the home gardening system that lets you grow fresh, nutritious fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers anytime, anywhere.
Simple to set up and maintain, Tower Garden turns your backyard, patio, porch, kitchen, sun room, even your office or classroom into a year-round farmers market.
Tower Garden
Tower Garden

A Tower Garden is an aeroponic growing system that increases yields up to 30%, growing 3Xs faster than conventional gardening – minus the digging, tilling and weeding.  You can grow healthy and fresh produce the whole family will enjoy.


Anyone can use a Tower Garden, no age limit or green thumb required.



Do you know when your produce was picked or how it was grown? These conditions can affect both quality and nutrition. By growing at home, you will be 100% confident in the quality of your food, while saving on the cost of store-bought produce.


Tower Garden eliminates the worry over where and how your produce is grown.  Further your family’s journey towards healthy living by letting your children grow and create a delicious menu.

Our story:

My wife loves to cook fantastic, nutritious and healthy meals for our family.  Our goal is to consume organic and pesticide free produce to greater benefit our health.  However, we have a small backyard in and didn’t want to dedicate a space for a soil-based garden. Therefore, we purchased our first aeroponic Tower Garden about 5 years ago and appreciated that it required minimal space on our patio.

Cherry Tomato

The amount of tomatoes, lettuce and basil we grew was amazing in both taste and quantity.  We loved it so much we purchased a second Tower Garden about 3 years ago.  We use one to grow our lettuces, herbs and the other tower for our vine grown produce.  Thus, completing our “Tower to Table” experience.

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