Trees And House Value

Extensive studies show that trees give property owners and developers significant perks by increasing the property's value and market prices. But having trees doesn't straight up increase the value of your property. It all comes down to maturity, health, vigor, and the kind of tree you're planning to grow on your lawn.

Keep reading if you're interested in finding out how to care for your trees so that they can increase the value of your home once you decide to sell your home.

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But first…

A healthy tree will definitely increase your property value, but a diseased one may cost you a lot to treat or even remove altogether. A good first step is to choose a species that will thrive in your plant hardiness zone.

The US Department of Agriculture came up with a comprehensive Plant Hardiness Zone Map, which guides you to identify plants that will survive in your area. This is super useful as you pick the type of tree to plant.

For instance, a Windmill Palm is a tropical species and survives in Zones 8-11, making it a suitable plant to parts bordered by north of South Carolina. It would do poorly here in the Midwest and probably die of the cold winters in Chicago. If you're looking for the best trees for Midwesterners, consider species that fall between Zones 5b- 6a.

Identifying your zone only completes part of the picture. You'll need to test your soil chemistry and check if it's alkaline or acidic. A simple test can help you find out if the soil is basic or acidic.

These test can be bought online or at garden centers. For more in-depth testing and recommendations you can also hire a landscaping or soil-testing company.

Buying Trees

When you can, it is best to buy young trees that are cheap and then care for them regularly. Bigger trees cost much more, and the price grows exponentially along with the size. However, if you're trying to sell your house fast, then it might be okay to spend a few extra bucks for more mature trees, after you do a price/return analysis. Transplanting, however, is quite delicate work, and you should consider professionals to help with the process. To be on the safer (and more valuable) side, it is best to buy a tree that's still young and give it time to grow.

Trees That Will Increase Your Property Value

Cold-Hardy Trees

Some trees are well suited for the cold weather backed with deeper roots, and thick barks to allow survival during the winter. Cold-hardy trees do well in Chicago and other states across the Northern and Midwestern climates.

Flowering Trees

Flowering trees are great to boost springtime appeal, and since most are petite, they'll be perfect for a small yard. The best species here are the Crab Tree and Cherry Dogwood.

Maple Trees

Maples are great shade providers and give the yard a nice look, particularly during the fall. Norway Maples, Red Maples, and Sugar Maples are quite tolerant and can withstand weather conditions in Zone 3. Here, we'd suggest the Red Maple and Sugar Maple.

Linden Trees

These trees are unique and picturesque. They can handle an urban environment as many varieties can do well in areas of mild to moderate air pollution. The Linden tree itself adds great value to properties with its appealing lush green look that changes with seasons.

Low-Maintenance Trees

In this category, the evergreens have proven to have a great value addition ratio across most properties in Chicago. That's because these low-maintenance trees are pest-resistant, drought-resistant, and require less pruning.

Magnolia Trees

Magnolia trees are commonly found in southern areas and do well in the United States. They have a beautiful flower pack with creamy blossoms and dark waxy leaves that can awe any passer-by. The best species to buy is the Southern Magnolia.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are all over the country, but only a few species will be able to hold up the Midwest climate and bear nice fruits. While species like Peach, Cherry, or Persimmon work on all temperate regions, other kinds like Cyprus will do best in warmer climate zones. To be on the safe side, try out the Cherry tree, Persimmon tree, or Peachtree.


As you can see, trees add value in many ways. They offer shade during hot summer days. They silently clean up the air we breathe and also add character and beauty to a dull yard.

You can also get your desired tree by simply making a plan on how and where to plant it. Then you can enjoy the benefits and watch it grow along with your property's value.


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